The title says it all: MegaBots – a California startup company that makes frickin’ GIANT FIGHTING ROBOTS – has just made the designs for its Iron Glory robot available to the public.

MegaBots Iron Glory Open Source

The catch? You have to buy a $25 poster featuring a MegaBots CEO sitting atop the fighting mech. But considering you’re forking over a teeny tiny fraction of what it would cost to design the same robot from scratch, $25 doesn’t seem so bad.

The CAD files included when you purchase the poster are in .stp form, which can be opened in most CAD programs. Less-than-eager owners can 3D print a smaller Iron Glory for their desks or make modifications to the Iron Glory via CAD, but real innovators can reverse engineer the plans, get a team together, and build the giant mech themselves!

MegaBots Iron Glory Open Source

Proceeds from the poster will go towards “supporting the robot apocalypse,” which is a more impressive way of saying they’ll add more documentation to make the design more accessible to use (free stuff doesn’t grow on trees, after all). Since the CAD files were built using Autodesk Inventor (which is a relatively expensive program), MegaBots plans to convert them into a free CAD software like Fusion 360, so more folks can make full use of the designs.

If you’re even the slightest bit interested in giant robots (let’s face it: who isn’t?), you can check out the poster here on the MegaBots webpage. Here’s to hoping they make the rest of their robot designs public in the future!


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