You know what’s cool? Having the power of a PC in the palm of your hand.

You know what isn’t cool? Not having the ability to use Photoshop when you have downtime on your travels. Well, this is about to change; iPad devices are about to get the FULL Photoshop experience.

That’s right — you no longer have to worry about carrying that behemoth workstation with you to the beach:

YouTube video

According to a report by Bloomberg, this is the first part of Adobe’s new master plan to make their programs compatible across as many platforms as possible. Unlike most apps with a mobile port, the company is planning on bringing a “full version” of the software to mobile devices, complete with a full rework of the interface to make it more accessible to touchscreen users.

This isn’t to mean your expertise of the classic interface will be put to waste. In addition to the reworked touchpad interface, Adobe has also included the traditional Photoshop interface which lets photo editors hone their muscle memory and get into the swing of things without losing a stride. Users who are already subscribed to the Adobe’s Creative Cloud will now have more use of the service on their devices.

The company is planning to announce the mobile rework of Photoshop this October at their Adobe MAX conference this month, with a foreseeable release sometime in 2019. Seeing as the big gap left by Adobe’s absence on mobile devices is about to be filled by the company itself, competing apps better watch out!


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