I’ll give you two guesses. If people upload 3D models to a library where other people can view and download the models, what’s going to happen? A mauling by rabid dogs is NOT the right answer… but it’s close. Apparently if there are free models, people will attack them like carnivorous beasts to download and have their way with them. Was there any doubt?

GrabCAD, the engineering community startup which promotes such practices, has crossed the threshold of 100,000 downloads. The free CAD model library is growing community of users who love sharing their models and seizing others. Along with this milestone is some interesting data the GrabCAD crew has accumulated about the community. What is the most popular CAD Software used? What are the popular models? What categories are people interested in? All this and more awaits you…

My favorite stat is how people uploading models are on newer releases of software, whereas people downloading models are on older releases of software. Over time, this would be good evidence of who is upgrading to newer version and who is staying on older versions.

Full Disclosure: Josh Mings is an advisor for GrabCAD, has uploaded a few models himself and dreams of one day running through the golden fields of Estonia.

Via GrabCAD


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