The small cottonwood shook. Opaque rays of orange splintered through the branches as the air stagnated with the mechanical whir of the creatures arms extending. And that’s when it happened, when the sky around us exploded with light and these links shot forth from its joints.

John Park – “Can I just draw awesome pictures of ships, robots, people and creatures please?” Yes John, yes you may.
Virb – A fresh new way to build a fresh new site for this fresh new year.
Paul – The new trailer from British comic, superstar duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Aliens will never be the same.
No shampoo, no soap, for one year – I did this once for an entire day. It felt wonderful. I’ll probably do it again tomorrow.
MiFlip Smartphone Charger – If you have a smartpohone already or got one for Christmas, this will come in handy for all your kid’s game playing.
Birth of an island – I’m not sure what you get an island on its birthday, especially when it’s just gurgling its way into existence.
Design Challenge: Think outside the wrist – Think of a watch. Now think of what you would do with that watch if you needed to shoot a cow.

These are some things I’ve read over the last few weeks of 2010…

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Apple patent reveals plans for holographic display
Like a G6 Remix
Anthony Pettis Matrix Kick (HD)
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