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It started with a buzz and a jitter, then five of them flopped like wet onions onto the launch deck. Then it got scary. They started singing and shooting liquid cheese and these links from their eyes.

BearFoot – Robots, ships and wicked cool 3D is just a small part of what Neil Maccormack does.
Papercraft Self-Portrait Mask – How cool would it be to make an oversize mask of your face? Very cool.
Using Textures in Photos – Forget composition, slap some texture on it and call it good.
Greatest Amatuer Rap Ever – AWWWW YEAH. Drop that beat. Even if you don’t like ‘the rap’ you gotta admit, this is OFF.
6 minutes of randm stuff – Much like this post… tarty… neck… shovel… noodle… loop-d-loop
Offline Trailer – Man’s struggle to regain his soul… or ninja robot and viking looking people ala MadMax futuristica
12 Places To Go If The World Goes To Hell – Which means you probably don’t want to go there now.


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