I peaked around the corner and you wouldn’t believe it. 808 blarin’! the people they starin’! popped my caddies back-a’latch and tossed in a bowl of cornflakes and these here crazy links.

Stefan Morrell – Not only is his website cool, he’s got a knack for creating cities and worlds with intense depth.
4 Lessons for an Optimize Workflow – If the ol’ workflow is something you need to optimize, this may help force that strayed mentality into submission.
TactX Mouse/Keyboard – Need customizable backlit peripherals for the ultimate gaming experience? Alienware now deals, $99 a pop though.
Woo Windows – The idea is simple. Dress up the windows of empty shops. Apparently there are plenty in York, UK.
Defendor Trailer – Woody Harrelson is a super hero. Combines Crazy Uncle with criminal underbelly of the city. Perfect.
Get Good at Photographing One Thing – Like taking pictures of food, or taking pictures of your mug, or toothless people.
Living, Growing Architecture – I love me a root bridge, nothing like it, expect maybe a Vine Bridge or a some Gourd shaping.

Doublecheck your Head – Best Beastie Boy Mash-up EVAH. you gotta download it, crank it, juice it.


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