I’m almost positive all the contraptions we’re designing are not as environmentally satisfying as they could be. Fortunately, there are companies, which exist, aware of the riches to be made in ‘green design’ so we can go on elevating our population dense carbon emissions to a higher taxable level.

And for those companies aiding our plight, AutoDesk is here to pour precious products into their laps, $150,000 worth of products, just for being on the up and up with sustainable design practices.

Clean up your act
It’s all part of the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program to grant free design/engineering software to companies on the way to clean tech perfection. Where do you sign up your company that turns angry looks into clean-burning rice ovens? All you have to do is 1) get excited 2)apply online…. that’s it.

However, you would probably get extra points for 3) recycling your shoes 4) install a composting toilet and 5) exhaling half as much.

Here’s the list of programs you would receive through the grant:


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