In case you missed the release last week of MODO 801, there were some announcements made that might be of interest to all you product designers who might still be on the fence with jumping into MODO or not. The new 801 release of the powerful modeling and rendering tool aims to make working with watertight models a seamless experience for creating 3D prints. Not one to shy away from opportunities to get a MakerBot into the hands of more users, Bre Pettis announced that they will be offering a 10% discount on three MakerBot 3D printer models in celebration of the new release for MODO users.


“We are very excited to announce this relationship with The Foundry…MakerBot has long been a fan of The Foundry’s MODO application as well as the MeshFusion plugin, which provide a variety of modeling methodologies that can take a 3D model from ordinary to extraordinary. We are excited to see what our combined communities and products working together will create.”

-Bre Pettis, CEO of MakerBot

In case you haven’t had the chance to check out the boolean-exotica MeshFusion plug-in for MODO yet, take a look at this video:

Overview of MeshFusion + 3D Printing

  • MODO’s end-to-end 3D content creation tools are recognized are simple yet powerful for artists and designers at every level.
  • Unrivaled 3D object and surface modeling tools wrapped in an artist friendly workflow. With MeshFusion artists can simply grab cutter shapes, add or subtract them together in MODO and have the shape they want in minutes.
  • A variety of modeling methodologies that will suit the taste of any content creator. From standard mesh construction techniques to brush based fluid sculpting MODO has got it all.
  • 3D scans can easily be cleaned up and modified in a streamlined and artist-friendly modeling environment.
  • Users can export to a watertight mesh to the STL format, for easy 3D printing.


Even if you don’t have (or want) the MeshFusion plug-in, there are still ways of getting that MODO data over to a 3D printer somewhat easily based on your experience. This post over at The Foundry’s discussion board has a good explanation of the export and printing process.

Regardless of how you get your models to a printer, this partnership for making physical products easier to create is definitely a step in the right direction for making MODO a more appealing tool for product designers:

“Using our solutions, artists have the ability to effortlessly blend, add, and subtract objects, then export to a watertight mesh, a process that we believe revolutionizes 3D modeling and offers infinite creative possibilities for MakerBot 3D printer users.”
-Christopher Kenessey, The Foundry

…or any 3D printer user for that matter.

There is also a bundle offer right now that gets you MODO 801 and MeshFusion for $1516.25 down from the original price of $1890.00.

(Images via The Foundry and MakerBot)


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