How many types of CAD modeling can you stack atop your chest before collapsing a lung? Most draw the line at two, solids and surfacing, and even then, aortas start rupturing. Little do people know there’s a third that can be applied to give you, YES, TRIBRID MODELING.

Delcam has had Tribrid modeling capabilities in their PowerSHAPE Pro product since the 2008 release, but many people haven’t had a chance to see it, let alone even fathom what it could possibly be.

Fortunately for you, Al Dean, of Develop3D is on site in South Korea at the Delcam Asian Technical Summit to get all the meaty details on the power of PowerSHAPE and what Tribrid modeling is all about. Al explains it all and even caught the demonstration on crisp 4:3 SD video. Sweet.

What is Tribrid Modeling?

the term hybrid modelling has been around for sometime, where systems allow you to work with both solid and surface modelling technology in equal measure. What the ‘Tri’ tag brings into this mix is the ability to work with solids, surfaces and tessellated meshes. Where this becomes useful is the integrate of geometry more complex than surface models, typically either reverse engineered or modelled to represent highly organic features, whether that’s texture, decoration or other complex features.”

Thanks for explaining that up rightly, Sir Al. Now, the video. Ok, it’s a little long and there’s the lovely accent that comes in a little quiet, but seeing the process and what’s being selected as he steps through the design will give you some added insight into the Tribrid modeling approach.

Delcam PowerShape & Tribrid Modelling demonstration from DEVELOP3D on Vimeo.

Did you know you can do this with the free version of PowerSHAPE?
By the way, you can also download PowerSHAPE-e to try out the features in the product. You can actually use this to Import and View SolidWorks, CATIA, PRO/E and more. Fancy that.

Image via Delcam Gallery


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