Currently accepting entries, the first Women in Industrial Design show is the first show aimed at bringing attention to the female industrial designer. The fact that this is the first industrial design show focused on female designers is both something to celebrate as well as something that makes you think “what took so long”? Some of the most critical contributions to design have come from women starting all the way back when the Damsels of Design helped Harley Earl bring interior trim, colors and female-friendly features into post-WW2 automobile design. Today, women such as Agnete Enga of Smart Design are filling the role of design director and leading critical design decisions with their female perspectives.

If you’re a female industrial designer or know of one, the IDSA-sponsored show is offering a free Call for Entry open to all US-based female industrial design students, enthusiasts, and professionals. For the final event, 15 designers from two categories (up+coming and professionals) will present their work that is either conceptual, in production, or anything in between. Link to entry PDF after the jump.

Women in Industrial Design

In case you didn’t catch it, we had a great EngineerVsDesigner episode awhile back that focused on women in industrial design. The guests included female engineer Irene Radcliffe and industrial designer Jennifer Linnane discussing their current thoughts on women in the field of industrial design today:


Call for Entry PDF Here

Source: Women in Industrial Design


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