ccntvI just received an email from Richard Doyle telling about a new show in town. A Cad Show. It kinda got me all unexcited, but I thought I would check it out anyway.

It’s called CCNTV, which stands for CAD CAM NET TV. It’s a bi-weekly newscast focused on the CAD business and making some cash from advertising. Aw yeah.

It’s actually not too bad – sort of consolidates a lot of previous news in one spot so you don’t have to go looking, plus you can just listen to it while you pretend to work. I would actually suggest that, because it looks like they set the teleprompter a little too close to the hostess, Amy Adams. “I’m Ron Burgandy?”

It looks like they may have some good content on there though, especially since they just started. They should probably add some features to increase their audience. Maybe hook up with Joost or port out to YouTube. Since is pre-recorded it would also be nice if they had a slider to move through the show.

Here you can see the crazy look the hostess Amy Adams has in her eyes. 🙂



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