dark-cloud-london.jpgA black cloud rose over London, children abandoned the lush playgrounds of Bishop’s Park and all the produce had gone rotten. Time slowed and what was once a heralded historical moment suddenly became a memory lost.

And then all that nonsense was blasted away with a couple two-week notices, a set of final articles and a ting of maniacal laughter from the editorial duo Martyn Day and Al Dean formerly of MCAD Magazine.

Al’s still on the roster till the end of the week, but their last articles can be viewed online at the links below. At the very least you have to read Martyn’s Dassault V6 preview and Al’s SolidWorks World 2008 coverage. Excellent.

Who knows what they’ll do next.

Martyn Day
Dassault launches Catia V6 platform

PTC press and analyst day

Al Dean
SolidWorks World 2008
Blue Ridge Numerics interview


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