I’m insanely jealous right now, or maybe it’s inspiration shrouded in jealousy, or maybe it’s Jamie Thomas judo kicking my face as he launches down a double-set.

Develop 3D has an inside look at the Comvert‘s Bastard Bowl, a skatepark built inside their new office space renovation of a 1940’s era theatre. That fact alone is a big gulp of awesome. The construction of their new design office/retail store coincided with their own dreams of building a indoor bowl and taking on the project themselves. Another gulp of awesome.

Comvert is a company in the heart of fashion-centric Milano, Italy designing very cool skate/snow gear and apparel. Take a quick gander at process pics of the elevated skate bowl, then head over to Develop3D to read the dets on the design.

last Photo:

Off to Develop3D!

More on the bowl at the Bastard Blog.


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