bloggers press mediaHot dang. Were you around last week? Did you get a SolidWorks 2009 taste in the back of your mouth that made your nose tickle and pupils dilate? Yeah? No? Kinda? Well, there were so many post about the SolidWorks Press event and goings on, that it may have happened if you consumed it all at once… which is what were gonna do about right now.

However, I’m just going to give you the top five favorites of mine for you to sink your thoughts into.

I left out SolidSmack’s Live coverage of the Press Event, cause I know ya’ll have already read that, right? But here’s the top 5 other post you should read.

Top 5 Blog Post About the SolidWorks 2009 Press Event
How Dassault Bought SolidWorks and Not Solid Edge – The Inside Story
Wrapping Up Barcelona…
Cadfanatic’s SolidWorks Press Event
Jason Raak’s SolidWorks Press Event
Gabi Back in California -thoughts about IQS

Honestly, I think I learned a bit more at this event than at SolidWorks World. Maybe it’s just different stuff. I was able to interact with the SolidWorks crew a bit more and that gave a lot better look into development, how they go about setting these events up, what they talk with users about and how they go about implementing better way to work in SolidWorks.

There are gonna be blog posts (and magazine articles?) trailing off for months from the content collected by the press at this event. If there’s a question why it happens and what it’s all about that is just one aspect of it. I hope you got some useful info out of some of your fellow users being there. If you didn’t, slap us with a comment or ask a question. Maybe it will spur a slew of articles.

By the way, yeah, SolidWorks paid for all the press (including bloggers) to go, but ya’ll know we love using SolidWorks for the most part and don’t need to get paid to give you our honest opinion about what we think, which we do. so yeah.


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