OK, so the last poll revealed that no one cares if the OS goes away as long as our lovely apps work. Hoorah. But who cares about OS this or OS that when you can model up something sweet you’ve always wanted to, right?

There’s the 3D modeling at your day job, but what if you had your choice? I somehow doubt most would honestly choose gasket molds. Not that gasket molds don’t ‘pay the bills,’ but what would be the ideal? I’d be throwing down some models of spacecraft, robots and toys myself. What would you model?

Pick 3

There could be a lot of options here, so we’ll keep it broad.

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What We Model is Maybe Not What We Want to Model Really

It’s a pretty good assumption that most people are not happy with their regular job. Those that use 3D product design software have a set of skills a lot of idea people wish they had. And the people that have those skills are just too busy or burnt out at the end of the day to put effort into pursuing their own ideas.

I’d at least try one of the options you checked above. Lunch breaks are sacred, I know, but you could shove that sandwich in your piehole, model up something cool and turn it into that dream job of designing beachcraft for a resort in Fiji.

Image Source Peter Callesen


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