She looked, drawn and dazed at the weary traveler. Nothing had been said once, at any point in all of time, that captured this one moment she felt him gazing back.

Hey! Hey!!! Noooooo, not that kind of drama people. CAD Drama. As in, our CAD is dang better than your CAD, or as we shall see today, our CAD price is better than your CAD price. And who’s up to these shenanigans this time? The same peeps that struck off hours of blog post comment debate on how a product could be profitable for $99. Alibre.

$5000 or $500

This time, they take aim direct at quote for CAD seats. It’s all in the press release, that comes out tomorrow. No 3D product development vendor dawning the breastplate of CAD is left out…

“Now we are also guaranteeing, that no matter what price the quote, no matter how low the other guys go, we will beat them by a factor of 10. It doesn’t matter if the quote is for SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge, Pro Engineer, etc. – any quote for any software product that offers comparable functionality will be beaten by a factor of 10.”

So, what about this, if I get a price quote for 10 bunnies, does that mean, Alibre will only make me give them one bunny? Or would they say, “Set loose that bunny! We are not bound by animal husbandry or the proponents that say we’st are!”

Image via Peripherlarbor


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