So, crack your virtual bottles against your virtual skulls. 3DVia is cranking out the goodness this week at the 2010 Games Developer’s Conference. Yes, it’s all fun and games, but just maybe a chance to add a lil’ gleam to snazzy up your product scene.

Along with their new Social Game Billions, they’ve just made the magic behind the creation of it available to you… absolutely free. 3DVia Studio is available for download and 3DVia Scenes is the backdoor to getting your ideas out the virtual door. More after the snap!

3DVia Scenes

Here are a couple example of what’s possible with 3DVia Scenes. This video is basically saying that whether it’s a bar, a desert or a wintry landscape filled with holiday fun flesh-eating holiday creatures, it’s all up to you to create… and to install the 3DVia player to view, as you’ll see below.

3DVia Studio

Here’s just a spatter of what you’ll see in Studio. That’s the Billions game in the image. You can download the Billions source code here, watch some Studio tutorials and have a good ol’ time with loads of code… pssst. it’s XML based.

Via 3DVia


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