3DVia also has billions of reasons to make you excited about Mogaloos, how many you capture and how you feel about the color pink as the backdrop of the universe.

This week at the Game Developers Conference (GDC 2010) in San Francisco, 3DVia is showing off 6 new games developed with 3DVia products. Among those is the first game built using 3DVIA Studio, an online social game, called Billions, that I can tell you right now is the very reason I’ll be staying up all night gorging myself with Twizzlers and Coke in front of the computer screen.

Recipe… 50 Tons of Addictive 3D

Billions is the first game built on 3DVIA Studio, 3DVIA’s brand new game development environment for creating breathtaking online games, simulations and visualizations fast. To put 3DVIA Studio to the test, 3DVIA partnered with long-time 3DVIA Virtools users Zoink Games and JUDIVA to build an engaging, creative and unique game. The result was Billions.

And the results are nothing but impressive… Here are the first screen that attendees of GDC will be able to experience this week.

Plus… it’s Open Source

Besides, having a interesting new gameplay environment for online games, the Source Code is available for download. So if you’re interested in developing games using 3DVia Studio, you can have a little look at how it’s done and maybe even create the next big social gaming phenomenon to consume everyone’s time.

To view more on the story of the Mogaloos and 3DVia check out Billions and watch the 3DVia blog. And, if you’re at GDC here’s the schedule for the 3DVia at booth 1432.


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