A big, fat SolidSmack congrats to our friend Deelip over at Deelip.com. His real job, his real business, SYCODE, which develops software and plugins for just about every CAD program in existence, just announced that SYCODE has been acquired by 3D Systems. This means Deelip now has a boss and that he needs some employees.

From Deelip…

SYCODE will operate as a brand under 3D Systems India. But there is just one small problem. There is no 3D Systems India. At least, not yet. I am in the US right now and one of the first things I need to do when I get back to India is to start 3D Systems India and hire myself as employee number one.

If you want to be employee #2 in Beautiful Goa, India you can send your resume to Deelip at deelip (at) sycode (dot) com or contact him here.

Overall, great move by 3D Systems. SYCODE, to my knowledge, develops more independent software for the CAD industry than any other company. They’ve also done a lot in the conversion between any format you can think of. No doubt, 3D Systems wants to leverage this.


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