Ever since we first saw how 3D Hubs sources local 3D printers, bringing the 3D printer to you, we’ve had a different perspective about the direction of 3D Printing. 1) You don’t have to own a 3D printer and 2) You can make money off of it if you do. Now they’re adding a third aspect which is shifting the 3D printing landscape yet again. Today, 3D Hubs announced the ability to source local, professional-grade 3D print services.

They’re calling the new offering 3D Hubs HD to target those who need high quality prints and want to connect with local shops running industrial-grade 3D printers. With a service that already allows anyone to list their 3D printer and helps others quickly find a local printer, I’m sure you’re wondering what difference this makes. It’s actually the same experience and the same interface to upload your file. Now, however, you’ll see all material and printer options for any printer that has high-end 3D printer capabilities.

As with any file, once it is uploaded, you’ll see the preview. You’ll also see the new HD material options and, when an HD material is selected, the printers who can make your print happen, sorted by distance or best match.


Currently, the only ‘HD Material’ available is Nylon, but more are planned. 37 cities around the world are on board at the launch to provide prints and with the amount of sources that have been added over the last year, you can expect this to only increase.










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