Oh yes, 3D product development on a Mac. ‘Tis a glorious thing isn’t it? Although maybe not completely glorious, but sure, glorious enough to get a mob of Mac users riled up with spasmodic glee.

Autodesk just cracked open the Mac ‘Pandora’ box to provide More Options for Mac Users. AutoCAD, Inventor, 3ds Max and Revit are all getting support for virtualization via Parallels. This is, of course, in lieu of having actual, native support for Mac. SpaceClaim is another MCAD company that has divulged their support of virtualization.

We’ve shown how to get SolidWorks on a Mac using Bootcamp, but SolidWorks themselves do not support it, which some would consider odd. Maybe we won’t have to worry about OS this or that someday.

Anyway, virtualization is a very good alternative. So stay focused on that SolidSmack Feed. We’ll have an exclusive article coming up soon showing just how you can get any MCAD program on Linux, Mac, or Windows. Good stuff a’comin’!


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