swx logoGetting SolidWorks into India isn’t anything new, but it seems a push is being made, at least with headlines. A load of articles came out June 12th about SolidWorks in India.

What’s interesting to me is the reported amount of license given away. That’s the way to saturate a market segment. Hope they at least got a little spicy Tandoori Chicken for all that. There’s two ways of looking at this of course. This will provide more capacity for US companies that can not find the talent here or send more US jobs overseas.

For me, this is a reality. With the strong economy it has been difficult to bring in talent. I direct part of a 12 man team from India that has over 50,000 people in it’s company. That is a lot of extra capacity.

Here are the links and some interesting excerpts from the articles.

SolidWorks to strengthen foothold

SolidWorks has so far given about 6,000 software licenses in India that include 3,000 commercial licenses. The company which clocked a turnover of $300 million in FY2006, has over 3,000 customers in India including Godrej, Voltas, LG Equipment, Mico and Integral Coach Factory.

Solidworks will expand presence in India

The number of staff will be increased to 90 this year, from 60 last year,adding employee resources to both its research and development and support centre departments. The number of value added resellers would be increased to 30 from the current 18.

Solidworks to expand presence in India

Mr Ved Narayan, Solid Works Vice President for Asia Pacific said, that the region contributed 25 per cent of the total revenue of the company amounting to 300 million dollars.

SolidWorks Bullish Over Indian Market

This year, SolidWorks has aggressive plans to expand its VAR network and increase its India employee headcount.

SolidWorks to increase headcount in India

SolidWorks also planned to expand its presence in educational institutions across the country to help meet the needs of small and medium enterprises in India.


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