OXO POP: Best Food Storage Containers
OXO POP: Best Food Storage Containers


Brand: OXO

Number of Containers: 5

Airtight Sealing: Yes

Dishwasher Safe: Yes (top Rack)

Sizes: two 0.4-quart containers, two 4.4-quart containers, and one 1.1-quart container


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  • The lid components come apart for easy cleanup.
  • All accessories, lids, and containers are top-rack dishwasher-safe.
  • It’s the best food storage container offering effective sealing using silicone gaskets and a patented web mechanism.
  • The containers can be stacked to help you save space. 
  • Easy activation and deactivation of the seal with just a press of a button.

Full Review:

Keeping food supplies at home is great until you’ve discovered some ants raiding your sugar or some bugs nesting in your flour jars. It’s the reason why the best food storage containers are part of your kitchen necessities. They don’t just keep the bugs away, but they also make sure your food items are safe and properly organized. If those things are still part of your daily kitchen headache, our SolidSmack Household Appliance and Tool Research Team gives you the best food storage container set of 2021: the OXO POPs!

OXO POP food storage containers
The OXO POP set comes with five food storage containers.

The OXO POP set comes with a total of 5 containers: two 0.4-quart containers, two 4.4-quart containers, and one 1.1-quart container. These containers are enough to allow you to store 1 to 5 pounds of baking ingredients such as sugar, flour, or cereals.

airtight sealing of OXO POP Food Storage Containers
OXO POP set features a patented web mechanism, which results in the effective airtight sealing of the containers.

The walls of the container are thick plastic material, which gives them heft. On the other hand, the lids feature an unwavering sealing technology. Inspired by the same sealing capabilities of refrigerators, OXO has integrated a patented web mechanism into the OXO lids. This design helps the silicone create an airtight sealing. It occurs by simply pressing the button that will allow the gasket to expand or contract. Here, the thin center fin of the silicone gasket is pushed against the container interior walls, resulting in perfect sealing. Disengaging the seal, nevertheless, is just as easy as activating it. With just another press, the lids quickly unlock.

OXO POP Food Storage Containers aesthetics
The OXO POP food storage containers boast pristine white lids and transparent bodies to complement your kitchen design.

Our reviewers also found the designs of the top of the lids very ergonomic. With the modular design of the covers and the storage body, stacking the containers is possible. It can help you save space on your kitchen counter or in your cabinets. And with the transparent body of the containers and their clean white lids, they can blend with the design of any kitchen. 

accessories of OXO POP Food Storage Containers
The accessories can attach neatly to the underside of POP lids.

Another plus in this OXO POP set is the inclusion of 3 accessories in the package. It includes the two ½-cup scoops and one OXO Brown Sugar Saver. The latter is one of our top favorites as it was able to keep sugar soft during our 3-day observation test. We also love the fact that the accessories can attach neatly to the underside of POP lids. And if you want extra space, you can remove the scoops to fill the jars up to their max capacity.


Are the OXO POP containers BPA-free?

  • Yes, the OXO POP containers are BPA-free.

Can I lift the containers by using the buttons as handles?

  • No, it is not ideal to carry the containers using the lid handles. These handles are just for lifting the lids, not the entire container. Doing this can break the seal and would cause the container’s body to fall.

How do I keep OXO Brown Sugar Saver working?

  • To keep the OXO Brown Sugar Saver properly working, make sure to clean it by soaking it in water for some minutes and air-drying it. 

Can you keep the OXO POP containers in the refrigerator?

  • The OXO POPs are refrigerator-safe; however, extreme temperature fluctuations can cause the lids to lose their airtight sealing.

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