Selling products and services has long migrated from offline to online. No one is surprised by a multi-million dollar deal not in a conference room during a face-to-face meeting but by a simple video call. Modern communication solutions make it possible to establish contact with potential clients, maintain relationships, and make warm calls with existing clients from the comfort of one’s home or office. In this article, we’ll explore how these applications can benefit businesses and examine the best solutions for both online and offline companies.

How to sell online via video conferencing?

Video conferencing solutions like Zoom or Whoosh change your perception of sales teams and their effectiveness. Secure connections, extensive functionality, high-quality communication, ease of use, integration with many work tools, and lower costs per deal will make you reconsider your attitude towards online sales. You only need to send an invite link for a call via an application you use in your company, and you are ready to sell via any device — laptop, PC, tablet, or smartphone. Let’s figure out how video conferencing software can make your business prosper.

More sales meetings in less time

By selling online, you reduce the risk of a lead being late for an appointment. If your morning meetings don’t go according to schedule, all the plans for the day will crumble. You’ll have to reschedule someone for tomorrow. It’s harder to be late for a video meeting. Check your equipment and Internet connection before starting, and you’re good to go!

Reduce sales expenses

Closing a big deal often requires driving or even flying to another country for detailed discussions. Buyers have a psychological barrier because they find it difficult to trust someone they don’t know. Video call apps allow you to get more intimate with your potential customers and make your communication more interactive without incurring additional costs.

Sell worldwide

It’s good if your offices are located in several spots in the city and the customer can just come and buy whatever they need. But there are grocery stores everywhere, and more than half of the residents of large cities still order delivery because they save their time or are just too lazy to come. A video call can allow your sales manager to consult the client on the product or service they are interested in, demonstrate the product visually, and close the deal. Besides, growing your business internationally is hard, especially if you sell expensive items. You have a chance to gain a competitive advantage if you familiarize the buyer with the product by video.

Expand your customer base

If customers in your field won’t buy a product without asking a bunch of questions, save them time and have a video chat meeting. This practice can apply to any industry. This will increase your customers’ loyalty and help you reach a wider target audience. For example, this can be a great opportunity to increase sales for the real estate market, car sales, and other expensive products that traditionally require the buyer’s physical presence. Cadillac, for example, has launched a personalized online video tour of the car you’re planning to buy, during which the sales agent can show you the vehicle from any angle and answer all your questions.

The Best Video Conferencing Tools for Sales Team

Using these applications can increase the efficiency of your sales team. All you have to do is give them a convenient working tool and enjoy the results.

Google Meet

Meet offers a very simple and effective way to video chat for sales. All you need to do is have Gmail to make the call. You can send a link to a video appointment, schedule a meeting on Google Calendar, or just add the user to your contacts and call them directly. Google Meet offers not only one-on-one calls but also group meetings for up to 100 people. You can pitch using presentations via a screen-sharing feature.


Video sales calling by Whoosh can make you reimagine the whole process. It is based on AI, which becomes your assistant in planning and organizing meetings and makes the brief from the key points of your conversation. The gesture recognition function allows you to control the application and makes your meeting more emotional, as close as possible to the conditions of live communication. Whiteboard and weathermen layout enable quality presentations of your services, and 4K video will help showcase your product in every detail.


The free version of Whereby gives users the ability to use a single meeting room for up to 50 participants and create private rooms where participants must get the organizer’s permission to enter. Whereby also has a chat function, allows you to share a screen, disconnect or delete users, and follow subgroups for individual discussions.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams was created as a competitor to Slack and is especially handy if you use the Microsoft Office ecosystem. The application is focused on business use and has increased the maximum number of participants from 100 to 300. It is a great tool to improve your sales in an ecosystem that many users are familiar with.

It is impossible to single out one best video conferencing program for sales teams. You just need to choose the solution that will fit your business perfectly and cover all your needs.