Time for another round of apps that cover the spectrum of your beloved mobile device, be it iPhone, Android or Windows!

The Weekly App Smack is the best of design and productivity apps (and maybe a couple of fun ones, too) for the busy design or engineering professional and this week we have a list sure to make you more efficient.

This week we saw everything from a portable 3D visualizer to a nifty woodworking tool for nailing those dimensions in right…the first time.

Have an app suggestion that’s made your life easier or changed up your workflow?

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“The CL3VER App brings interactive 3D presentations created with the CL3VER platform on iOS devices and make them available also without Internet connection.”



“Collaborate with top photographers in the FILTER PACK MARKETPLACE and apply their unique photographic style to your photos. Instantly share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and your other social accounts.”


Aerize Explorer Pro

“Hurry up and get the file manager that forced Microsoft to release a Windows Phone file manager. Glowing reviews are in agreement, get the best file manager for Windows Phone now! Alternately, search ‘Aerize’ and install Aerize Explorer the free, ad supported edition.”


Project Tripod

“The world is constantly changing, but to the naked eye it’s imperceptible. Project Tripod enables anyone to capture and visualise this change. Project Tripod showcases the changes between photos over time.”


Woodworking Utilities

“Basic woodworking utilities including a board foot calculator, pilot hole guide, trammel length calculator, spacing calculator, decimal to fraction calculator and a dovetail jig calculator.”



“Use Behance for Android to explore millions of projects by the world’s top creative talent wherever you are.”