Eviathar Meye is a former Autodesk Product Manager for AutoCAD 360 and Project M3D, so technically he has the inside info on how the market works. It comes as no surprise that he put his knowledge to good use and brought us the Splinedr, which is a 3D modeling app for mobile devices. The genius in him had the itch to do some research and bring us an in-depth analysis on “the massive field of design apps.”


The man has got it right. He has tabulated info on consumer apps like Photoshop Express to professional CAD applications, like the AutoCAD 360. Bet you want to read it all, so head here for ALL the scoop on how Photoshop dominates the Photography category and how MagicPlan has captured everyone’s interest in the CAD app arena.

Since you can read the report on his page, we decided to get some more interesting nibbles from the man himself. So over a hot, steamy cuppa java, Eviathar spilled the beans…

There Seems to be a heavy focus on CAD products. What about other CAD apps?

There other CAD apps, like 123D design, FormIt, PlanGrid, TurboViewer and others, but I have decided to focus on the apps with significant traction and that focus on creation, rather than data consumption (2D/3D viewers).


What is your take on CAD Cloud space? There is much traction here and it seems to be heating up, your comments and thoughts?

Four years ago, I joined Autodesk and started working on AutoCAD 360 for the web and mobile. No one thought that there’s a need for this kind of application. When AutoCAD 360 launched in 2010, there were more than 200,000 downloads for the first week. Today, it has more than 14 million users. I think the CAD cloud, mobile and web space is very exciting since there are so many unique and amazing opportunities to improve the processes used by designers. Additionally, the CAD cloud and mobile creates meaningful and productive apps and services that are helpful for everyone. Right now, we barely scratched the surface in regards to the potential of CAD cloud and mobile. Today, CAD cloud focuses more on file sharing and collaboration, and there’s a lot more than that coming in the near future.


What are the biggest shortcomings of the Apps available for Professionals?

I think that some of the biggest shortcoming of CAD apps right now is the User Experience; some apps are trying to imitate the experience that users have on their desktop apps, while not considering the advantages of the mobile platform, such as touch and mobility. Sometimes you just have to balance the familiar desktop experience with the new mobile and cloud experience.


What improvements or refinements would you like to see in the CAD Cloud space?

I would love to see more developers join to the CAD cloud and mobile ecosystem. There are many big opportunities in this field, which can greatly affect people’s life. I think there’s more need to take risks and try more innovative user experience paradigms that will improve the current workflows.

I think CAD cloud can be better when it comes to integrating with existing desktop software. It could create a seamless workflow between different apps and different companies.


Which is your favorite CAD App and why (besides your own work)?

I think MagicPlan created a really cool app, which enables anyone to create a 2D plan of their house using their iPhone’s camera. The MagicPlan team understood the power of the mobile platform and took advantage of it. Other than that, HomeStyler is a great tool as well, that lets you try different home styling alternatives with your iPhone and iPad.