As a parent, it can be really scary to let your children out alone. Unlike our parents, however, parents of today are privileged in that they can find GPS tracking for Android phones to enable them to keep a close eye on their children.

GPS Trackers: How Do They Work?

The acronym GPS means Global Positioning System. GPS trackers work by satellites that orbit the Earth. All smartphones have GPS tracking capability, which means they contain software that satellites can tap into to find their location.

The process of locating a device is called trilateration. This makes use of at least three satellites that can work together to determine the position of a device. They work this out by comparing the distance of the device from each satellite to pinpoint the location.

With 71.4% of the mobile OS world belonging to Android, finding tracking devices for Android phones is a priority for many people.

Best Android Apps for GPS Tracking

There are lots of different Android GPS tracker apps, and not all have the same features. Here is our review of the three best GPS tracking apps for Android phones:

App 1: mSpy

mSpy is an excellent parental control app that allows parents to feel safe in the knowledge that their children are where they should be. The app contains real-time longitude and latitude location, which is very accurate. The app pinpoints the device’s specific location on a highly detailed map.

mSpy is arguably the best Android tracking app because it has more features than any other. With this app, you can explore the device’s route history to find out where it was at the time it was there. There is also an excellent geofencing function, which is great for parents who don’t want to be monitoring the app constantly. With geofencing, parents can input geographical boundaries of where they will allow their children to roam. If the device moves from this agreed area, the parents are notified.

App 2: Eyezy

An alternative to mSpy is Eyezy. This is a smaller brand that isn’t as well-known. Eyezy has a powerful monitoring feature Pinpoint to track anyone’s location whenever they’re. Not only can it show their exact location, but it can also make a complete report on their whereabouts. You’ll see places they’ve visited or Wi-Fi connections they use in a certain location.

Eyezy is more than a GPS tracker. It provides many features allowing you to see everything from a target phone. For instance, you can view their personal text and social media messages with Social Spotlight. This feature supports messaging apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many others.

App 3: Life360

Another Android GPS tracker is the Life360 app. This application has a range of different features to help keep loved ones safe. It has a ‘panic button’ function that children can use to send an alert to their family members if they need help or feel threatened. Parents can also get notifications when children leave or arrive at their most frequently accessed places, like school or their friends’ houses.

For older teenagers who drive, Life360 is also useful for the following features:

  • it can also report on driving so that parents can monitor how good their children are behind the wheel;
  • you know they’ve arrived safely;
  • you can also use the in-built map to navigate to your children’s locations directly without the need for an address;

The downsides reported are that the app is sometimes sluggish, and it can drain your battery.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding phone trackers for Android, parents have tough decisions to make. Some apps require parents to be able to trust their children won’t uninstall the app if they’re going somewhere they shouldn’t. Of all the apps, then, it’s mSpy that is the best choice for those wanting to avoid this.