3d-interface-steel-ball.jpgSo, I was in the sphere yesterday, right, and the boss says, “You’re 3d models are all mis-shappened, are you using this thing right?” He just doesn’t understand the stress of having to be in this thing for hours.

Ya gotta just love those virtual reality developers. They’re always thinking of the next way to make a virtual environment as authentic as possible. The VirtuSphere is one of my favorites. Just look at that honkin’ huge sphere of VR metallic-romp-about goodness. Forget that you have a few pounds of visualization equipment and padding strapped to you, you’re in a steel sphere man. That thing could tear from it’s rollers any second and wreck havoc through the office. Ahhh, the future.

What’s a little more interesting about this one is it’s relation to SolidWorks parent company, Dassault. VirtuSphere, Inc. is taking part in the V+R Challenge to help the Marseille Motion Science Institute obtain motion simulations of the foot.

You think VR has a place in CAD or in helping CAD development?

Via Crave


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