You’ve seen tons of LEGO car builds in the past (some of which can even be driven), but I bet you don’t see something like this everyday:

If your first instinct was to pick up this ATV and plop it on your homemade Hot Wheels track, you aren’t alone. This is a Sherp – a Russian ATV whose main features are its boxy design and ginormous tires.

Russian Sherp ATV

Built as an all-terrain vehicle, the Sherp uses a Kubota V1505-T diesel-powered engine which gives it an underwhelming 44.3 horsepower. But what this thing lacks for in speed it makes up for in traversing surfaces most off-road vehicles would have trouble crossing (you can even snap it to a second cart and attach your power tools onto the ATV’s hood). On top of this, the ATV also has a ridiculous carrying capacity of 2204 lbs.

Those giant tires aren’t just for show, either. Though quite large, they’re actually low-pressure tires which fold and allow the Sherp to traverse different terrains such as muddy paths, iced-over lakes, and through small bodies of water. Couple this with the ability to control said wheels independently using two joysticks found in the driver’s seat and you’ve got an ATV which can be controlled down to a tee.

Russian Sherp ATV

Now if only the darn thing had a steering wheel.

You can find more on the Sherp’s various features over on the official Sherp webpage. If you just so happen to live on a rocky mountain, you can find a dealer for a Sherp here as well.


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