While a large house can definitely benefit from having a ton of furniture in it, too much furniture can make a small apartment or condo unit look cramped and unsightly.

Seoul-based designer HyukJoon Choi has found a nice middle ground by creating a collection of furniture which both is and isn’t there. Dubbed the “invisible” furniture series, his pieces use a number of thin, reflective surfaces which are held together using small screws. When viewed from a front-facing angle, these pieces give off an illusion that what they’re holding is levitating off the ground:

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The two pieces in the collection both have small shelves which are strong enough to hold a couple of books, files, and even a potted plant or two. Apart from showcasing the reflective properties and “invisible” nature of the pieces, having shelves which actually hold things proves they are actually useful and not taking up precious space in your small living quarters.

HyukJoon Choi reflective furniture
HyukJoon Choi reflective furniture
HyukJoon Choi reflective furniture

HyukJoon created his invisible line of furniture to provide inconspicuous pieces which can be both alluring and space-saving at the same time. More people are living in condominiums and apartments rather than full-fledged houses so to make their quarters look more spacious, he created compact furniture which is easy on the eyes.

HyukJoon Choi reflective furniture

Now if only you would stop bumping into the reflective shelves every time you pass them. You can find more of HyukJoon’s work on his Instagram page.


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