Small form factor is a given for a cuddly, plush chub of cuteness, but when it comes to bricks of sheet metal and PCB’s, it’s typically an afterthought. Not so with the new Stealth WPC-525F (name needs work). Stealth Computer is known for rugged, industrial strength computer systems. Now they’re slamming high-performance and their multi-level cell SSD drive together with IP67/NEMA 6 environmental regs for a new 4GB fanless that can take the abuse you dish out.


Stealth WPC-525F

The WPC-525F measures in at 10.15″(W) x 6.22″(D) x 2.04″(H) (258 x 158 x 52 mm) with a weight of 5 lbs (no cables). You get four USB connections (two per cable), two LAN, a power, VGA and Serial port fastened in with bayonet-style connectors. All for a base price of $1595.00 USD right here. Options are available for 120GB, 240GB and 512GB SSD’s and a (recommended) USB device to load up your software.



Minus the weight, lack of integrated wi-fi and missing optical drive (which can be resolved with a external USB/thumb drive), I’m digging this as an option for messy field work or shops filled with lung-damaging fiberglass dust that would otherwise destroy sensitive electronics. Also, great option for keeping up on your computing whilst ice-fishing, hunting or deep-sea fishing–yeah, your iPad hasn’t handled those environments as well as you thought it would. This is their first all-weather PC, but they also have a wide range of all-weather monitors and input devices.



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