flexible plasma screensAs if Multi-touch technology wasn’t enough to make you sing and dance through the forest of TechBlogs, two developers have been working with Plasma and OLED technology to make whatever displays will be in the future thinner, more flexible… and yes, spreadable.

Flexible Plasma monitor
Shinoda Plasma has create a supper-thin (1 mil), super-flexible (wrap-around) plasma tube array (PTA) that measure at 1 x 1 meter each. They can be linked together to form long screen and they’re working on larger ones. The current resolution is crap-errific, but it’s as light as a 8 lb hamburger. Of course the only thing people can talk about using this for are signs and advertising. puh-lease! There’s other people out there that use monitors!

Spreadable OLED
No good photos here, but imagine accidently spreading some organic light-emitting diodes on your toast. yum. What’s super rockin’ about this is the same technology can be used for solar panels. So, you basically a mobile phone shell could be infused with a self-powered, self-lighting gel. Same with you monitor, watch, lawnmower, etc. Fixed screen OLED Monitors should be out more near 2009 (Sony has one now). Psst… they use a lot less power and have a glorious 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio, but are dang pricey now. It’s sad though, the spread-tech is still about two-years out for prototypes.

Via TechNews and PinkTentacle


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