I know, my hand is beautiful in a pasty sort of way, but that isn’t important. That orangish thumb drive between my digits has SolidWorks 2008 running off it.

It uses Thinstall application visualization to lock and load the software.

By packaging with Thinstall, the application has all files, libraries, components, and data that it needs to run, in a single EXE.

Another thing. It only takes up 2GB, so I have nearly another 2GB to store files. Huge. Software delivery and usability all rolled into one.

The lowdown
All the CSWP’s (Certified SolidWorks Professionals) were given one of these this year as proof of concept. It’s an educational license and can go where you go.

Imagine taking you’re entire app with all data to the client and running demos or presentations right off the thumb drive. Or how about just getting one of this to deliver SolidWorks to your team. Huge applications here and an incredible idea.


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