We all need to collectively thank ZUtA Labs for their innovative ZUtA Pocket Printer. We shudder to imagine the outcome of our guilt and shame if another decade had passed by without any radical thought given to this humble computer peripheral! Almost every aspect of computing has changed but this, and like we mentioned – thank heavens for the Pocket Printer.

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Its not rocket science but robotics at the heart of this portable printer. As a busy professional who conducts meeting both in office and outdoors, we equip ourselves with almost every conceivable device – laptop, smartphone, smartwatch, earphones – pint-sized gadgets that were once humongous. Thanks to the ZUtA Pocket Printer, we can now add a printer to our portable list.


As co-founder Tuvia Elbaum rightly points out, this is indeed 2014 and we are still reliant on a huge stationary box to take out prints – tsk, tsk. Downsizing the peripheral to its basics, the ZUtA printer doesn’t require any special drivers and works with an app via computers, Smartphones and tablets. Features include working with any standard paper and ability to print about a thousand sheets using a standard, replaceable ink cartridge.


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– A full charge gives you up to an hour of printing time.
– Designed to line up to the corner of a page so that printing is easy and straight-lined.
– The printer rolls across a blank sheet on small, multi-directional wheels while ejecting ink.
– Ideal for smaller documents like tickets or notes from a meeting,.
– For larger projects that require multiple pages printing, the printer waits for the subsequent pages to be placed before commencing the new page printing.
– A page of text takes about 40-45 seconds to print.

The project has been successfully funded and we can expect the shipments to begin in early January.








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