You see that guy? He’s enjoying life… enjoying the heck out it. Just look at him. He’s jabbin’ his meat nub against that 27″ touchscreen screen and loving it. Whoa! He just moved that skull slice with multiple fingers?! He’s dangerous and he knows it.

Who’s making all this possible? I’ll give you one guess and then interrupt you by just saying, “Perceptive Pixels, that’s who.” They’ve taken their massive 55″ wall unit technology you’ve seen on CNN, squished it down to a reasonable size and will be making it available to the general public in the unforeseen future. Another classy photo and video of what it could be like after the jump.

This is the first and only solution with performance and a form factor appropriate for professional users in fields such as geo-intelligence, digital content creation, computer-aided design (CAD), energy exploration, medical imaging and other visualization-intensive sectors. “This is literally the most advanced desktop display in the world,” said Jeff Han, founder, CEO and chief scientist at Perceptive Pixel.BusinessWire

“Most advance desktop display in the world.” Got that? Strap a few of these puppies together on your desk and you’ll really look like you’re getting things done. This is good news for those interested in the gimmicky new future of 3D design – direct interaction with your model the likes that hasn’t been seen since SpaceClaim multi-touch was revealed. Now were at the point where the touch-screen technology has caught up to our imaginations. Now it’s up to our fingers (and the software companies) to catch up as well.

YouTube video

Here are all the details on the display. Everything except the pricing. That has yet to be announced.

About the Perceptive Pixel 27 Multi-touch Display


  • Optically bonded
  • 27″ diagonal IPS (in-plane switching) LCD panel
  • LED backlight
  • Direct-drive zero-latency video processing
  • Resolution: 2560×1440
  • Colors (maximum): 16.7 million
  • Viewing angle: 178° horizontal, 178° vertical
  • Brightness (typical): 400 cd/m²
  • Contrast ratio (typical): 1000:1
  • Display response time (typical): 6.5 ms

Optically Bonded

  • Results in very low touch parallax (the distance between the display image and the touch surface)
  • Eliminates inter-reflections for crystal clear, uncompromised visual clarity
  • Mechanically robust, durable surface

Patented PPI Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Controller

  • True full-field multi-touch sensing with unlimited number of simultaneous touches and palm/forearm/object recognition
  • True zero-force sensitivity
  • High SNR (signal-to-noise); passes the “back of the fingernail” test
  • Operable with bare fingers, latex/vinyl/nitrile gloves, fingernails
  • Perfect edge uniformity
  • Fast constant 120Hz sample rate
  • Ultra-low latency (under 1ms)

Industrial Design

  • Huge interaction workspace, spaciously accommodating both of the user’s hands
  • Ergonomic flush-front bezel with oversized palm-rest border
  • Innovative overscan sensing area
  • Interaction surface is a thermally managed, chemically strengthened glass with anti-friction coating
  • A variety of ergonomic articulating mounts offered

More at Perceptive Pixels

Captivating touchscreen usage photos and specs via BusinessWire


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