Holy mother of inventions! The Milling Machines designed by Arthur Sacek are so exciting they send tinngles through our nether regions. Too bad Arthur doesn’t particularly want to share how he exactly built his machines, but we do know that as a member of Brazil’s ZOOM Education for Life, Arthur is a genius.

YouTube video

The LEGO 360° Milling Machine is a new version of his previous work – the LEGO 3D Milling Machine. It was developed to participate in the WRO 2011 – Abu Dhabi in the “LEGO Robotics Experts” area. One of the areas of improvements includes running leJOS with a linked PC. What this means is that there are no longer file size restrictions. As he puts it, “All the data is in the computer that sends small amount of coordinates to the NXT every loop.”


Take a look at the original 3D Milling Machine, which is built using parts from LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 building system. Schools around the globe are using Lego Mindstorms kits to acquaint children with robotics. The NXT 2.0 bloq is an intelligent microprocessor that provides an easy to use programming interface that allows drag and drop programming to make things move. More details on this project here.

YouTube video