The Creator’s Project kicked off their ReForm series, jumping straight into 3D scanning, but 3D scanning on scale that you likely haven’t seen yet.

The short inaugural documentary looks at how researchers are are advancing 3D scanning and motion capture. USC’s Institute of Creative Technology (ICT) is leading the awesome with motion capture tech that looks more like the highlight reel for the Electric Daisy Carnival, but captures data at a mind-boggling rate.

The ICT Light Stage research, ongoing since 2000, is being used in Media & Entertainment to capture ultra-realistic appearance and motion of characters–you’ve seen the result in dozens of films–but as you can imagine, we can’t help but think of the application in 3D design, particularly when looking across a landscape of sit-n-spin 3D scanners, and especially when the project’s Chief Visual Officer, Paul Debevec, says things like, “We have Hollywood to imagine all of these situations for us.”

Puh-lease. One of their end goals is to create interactive versions of characters–they use the Star Trek Holodeck as an example. We can imagine using tech like this each day, not simply for interaction, but for actually creating. So, what situations can you imagine? How will this change 3D design?




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