cad-jockey-holiday-giftsWell, next Friday starts that time of year when many of us cut the wrist of our bank accounts to buy that special someone what we think they want, but actually wanted something totally different.

SolidSmack is here to add to the massive bleed out with our very own picks for the best gadgets and tools for your favorite CAD Jockey Geek. Why? Cause all the engineers and designers pushing their workstations to the limits deserve a little somethin’ special.

Thanks to all the people that gave a lot of suggestions on Twitter! from Bradley Grzesiak, Eric Mings, Charles Culp, Al Dean, Brian Slick, Matt Lombard, Marijn, Franco Folini, Daniel Bayer, Marc Nelson, and Jeff Mirisola. Not on Twitter?? Join IN!!

Without further ado, here’s the 2008 SolidSmack Holiday Gift Guide for CAD Jockeys!

How about having your very on CNC router in your living room. (What else are you using it for??) But just think of all the neat… stuff that will be made with this manufacturing hobbyist dream come true.


CNC Router Plans and Parts – $22 and upBuy Here

There’s prolly just a million DVD’s that you could burn your ham-glazed eyeballs with over the holidays, but these four are just engineering geekery for the entire family. Ya know, for kids!


Hudsucker Proxy – $9.49Buy Here
IronMan – $14.99Buy Here
Tetsujin 28$17.99Buy Here
Primer – $19.99Buy Here

Books? Yes, the default gift when you can think of nothing else. Price range? who cares about that. Here’s three book suggestions that will totally geek out your loved one.


  1. Robot Builder’s SourceBook$25.15Buy Here
  2. SolidWorks Bible$31.49Buy Here
  3. Machinery’s Handbook$62.33Buy Here

Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
I can feel the waves traveling through my skin and marrow already, can’t you? Forget about EMF’s, we need more wireless and this is just the item to get a smile to break out on the glum, wintery face. Pass the Eggnog!


Logitech Cordless Wave Desktop Set – $69.99Buy Here

3D Mouse
It’s small and mousy and all about the 3D. Best type of those struggling with pressing that scroll wheel button to the point of crying. Give them this with a stocking full of hugs.


Connexion Space Navigator – $99.00Buy Here

Wireless Printer
Wireless printing? Impossible!! Nope, it is and this little buddy will give you everything. Printing, Scanning, Copying. That is one sweet machine for party night on New Year’s Eve.


Lexmark All-in-One Wireless Printer – $109.00Buy Here

64GB Thumb Drive
The power of STORAGE! 64GB of storage! Buy it now so two weeks later you can say you paid twice as much for it way back then. 32GB option also available.


Kingston 64GB Data Traveler – $127.77Buy Here

Remote Control (RC) Car
This will keep that Gadget lover out of trouble for hours. Lock them in the back yard or on a desolate mountain side with one of these RC Cars and even if you don’t hear from them again, you’ll know they’re having fun.


The Venom Creeper – $229.00Buy Here

Massage Chair
Now we’re talkin’ – be all the rage at the office with your comfy faux-leather massage office chair. Great for vibrating the rage right out of your knotty bod. Ahhh, relaxation is here again.
Massage Office Chair – $159.99Buy Here

Blackberry Storm
It’s a Blackberry holiday with full-on touch capabilities baby for that tech-savvy CAD user. But in the US, it’s currently only available through Verizon. Arrrrrg! For T-mobile users there’s always the G1.


The Blackberry Storm – $199.99 – Buy Here

24″ HD LCD Screen
Of course it’s not the biggest, but those 3D CAD models will look sweet on it, right next to all your other apps running. You can see a HD LCD comparison here, but the one we all really want is this beauty with a new lower price.


Dell Ultrasharp 24″ Monitor – $517.00Buy Here

Camera Lenses
What Tech geek wouldn’t like a nice, expensive DSLR camera lens? Here’s a couple that are good options and can open up the outside world to that person stuck behind a computer screen for hours on end.


  1. Nikon 18-200mm – $639.95Buy Here
  2. Canon EOS 100mm f/2.8 Macro – $452.99Buy Here

Your Suggestions?
How about it? What are you looking forward to gettin’ in (preferably) a very large box?


Josh is founder and editor at, founder at Aimsift Inc., and co-founder of EvD Media. He is involved in engineering, design, visualization, the technology making it happen, and the content developed around it. He is a SolidWorks Certified Professional and excels at falling awkwardly.