Although some manufacturers have created specific multi-tools for various applications, little has changed over the years for all-in-one tools since Tim Leatherman created the first “Boy Scout knife with pliers” back in the 1980s. While convenient, multi-tools are rarely something you want to use unless you are in pinch and didn’t have standard tools nearby.

With their newly-announced Center-Drive multi-tool, however, Gerber has created a multi-tool that is so considered, you may even want to use it even when you’re not in a pinch.


Starting with the full-sized center-axis screwdriver, the company has built the multi-tool for maximum torque and rotation. As anybody who has put together a small assembly with an off-axis screwdriver might tell you—it ain’t fun.

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Additionally, the Center-Drive includes a 30% longer outboard blade for more serious cutting power and a one-thumb opening sliding jaws for quickly accessing your full range of tools singlehandedly.

Center-DriveScreen Shot 2016-11-01 at 7.31.04 AM

At the affordable price of $89, the Center-Drive is priced competitively against other multi-tools on the market—so you may want to add this one to your holiday shopping list.

The Center-Drive is available November 1st at the following retailers.


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