I believe there’s a study somewhere that shows 78% of Engineers and Designers, who plan a move into a management position, plan to light their office with industrial-chic light fixtures using vintage light bulbs… That figure may have been 7%… Numbers, Meh. Anywho, vintage light bulbs are all the rage, and judging by the 2000+ downloads of #David’s Vintage Bulb Set, a few people like the 3D models as well.

#David needed some bulbs to light some fixtures he was designing. He decided on some Bulbrite Nostalgic Edison lights, bought them online and went to work modeling up the incredibly stylish bulbs in SolidWorks. He has included three bulbs: The Bulbrite T14 Vintage Spiral Filament, the Victor Loop A19, and the Clear Dimmable ST18. Great choices #David!

The SolidWorks file contains three configuration plus one with the E26 (Medium) base only, in case you want to add another style to the mix. He has also included a STEP file with all bulbs and base for those who don’t have SolidWorks. Ima light this mother up! I have now idea what that means, but it seems the right time to say it. No? Oh, ok.

You can download the files on GrabCAD. (BONUS! Grab this sweet light fixture by Jack Townsend that looks GREAT with the bulb Download here!)

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