It goes without saying – wearable devices are a hot topic these days and while many designers and corporations are primarily focusing on wrist and eyewear, China-based Eamey has been busy infusing wearable technology into something that most people already wear daily: headphones.

Needless to say, headphones present a wearable device genre that has been around for some time, yet has received minimal attention in the new wave of tech innovation (outside of the Parrot Zik headphones if anybody is keeping track). The Primo3 headphones from Eamey feature sports sensors that track steps and calories burned with a companion app, an FM radio and a standard Bluetooth connection for calls and streaming media.

In the case that user doesn’t want to carry around their existing smartphone, the design also includes a Micro-SD slot for playing media independently from a connected device.

“It seemed like an existing technology that just wasn’t being used where it could be most useful.”

Innovation doesn’t exactly have to mean coming up with products that never existed before, it could also be a systematic upgrade of an existing product that is now in tune with present technology. That line of thinking (paired with making an affordable smart wearable) has turned the Primo3 headphones into a complete device that will surely not only aid users during a workout, but also present an interesting new category in the smart wearables market.

For less than $20, it makes you wonder: how did they get these dang things to be so cheap?

The practical aspects of the design are well-thought-out; at just 34 grams, the lightweight-yet-sturdy memory metal design alone enables the headphones to have a snug fit on the ears during a workout – something that even major headphone manufacturers haven’t been able to figure out. Additionally, the flexible-yet-strong memory metal bands allow the headphones to be folded and packed away in a small pocket in a gym bag when not in use. As for power, the Primo3 packs a 190mAH battery for up to 24 hours of usage between charges.


For most, the pleasing and minimal form of the design is likely to complement not just a workout regime, but also everyday use. The piano laquered finish side shell cleverly disguises the call button in its ornamental groove pattern. The volume and power buttons are also inconspicuously placed in the side shells for a clean look. The clever intervention form the design team has enables the Primo3 headphones to morph itself into multiple roles to aid us at a wide range of daily scenarios.




Although the Primo3 headphones may not feature all the bells, whistles and user experience considerations that some may be looking for from Silicon Valley-based companies, for just $20, it’s hard to not give these ‘smart’ headphones a second glance.

While the Primo3 crowdfunding campaign has already ended, the first orders are set to be launched as early as March of 2015. You can stay updated about future shipments over at EAMEY.