It’s hard to enjoy something you know you shouldn’t. Diabetics can’t enjoy cookies for fear of dying a sweet death. Teenagers can never really have fun at their own house parties because their parents might barge in. And those who viciously care for the environment can’t drive atmosphere-killing cars to global warming meetings to shame other least they be labeled hypocrites.

That last one is quickly becoming obsolete with the advent of electric vehicles. Electric cars are more prevelant, and while pricier and generally not as fast as their gas-guzzling competition, people who like living on planet Earth can sleep better knowing those behind the tech are stiffening up the competition with more power, cheaper options, better design and, yeah, faster vehicles.

Which brings us to the world’s biggest motorcycle road racing competitions.

After polluting the air with exhaust for the last 68 years, the MotoGP committee has announced that 2019 might be the advent of their all-electric motorcycle racing division. According to CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta, four manufacturers are already primed to provide 18 solar-powered deathtraps to compete in at least five races consisting of about 10 laps.

But if you’re thinking that these races will be full of safety-conscious drivers on putting around the motorway on mopeds, worry not! The motorcycles used in this all-electric class will reach speeds of about 124 mph–still faster than your sorry excuse for car on Sunday morning.

MotoGP is actually playing a bit of catch-up. Isle of Man TT motorcycle race has had a zero-emission class since 2010, the FIA debuted the Formula E all-electric class in 2014 for Formula One, and the Red Bull Global Rallycross is adding an electric class in 2018. However, MotoGP is one-upping everyone AND keeping the hippies from protesting by charging the vehicles with solar panels rather than carbon-neutral glycerine generators. Clearly they’re saving the environment and, quite literally, ensuring a clean race.

With more races incorporating eco-friendly divisions, this may just be enough to inspire illegal street racing to do the same… or make it even more prevalent.

Via The Verge


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