Considering the vast amount of hackable devices out there, it’s safe to assume that hackers see vulnerable everyday people as easy targets. Certain companies even live off selling products that help keep customers’ digital data safe. Anti-viruses and RFID-lined wallets are some of the most common forms of digital safety, with RFID bags marking a big portion of this necessary industry.

The RFID Faraday Pocket, a collaboration by companies Bomber & Company and Blackout Spec, looks like the most basic leather travel pouch you’ll ever see; it’s black, has the right amount of “premium eco-synthetic leather” to make it durable, and keeps your belongings safe from the elements, as a proper bag should. But, as the name implies, it does a whole lot more.

The RFID Faraday Pocket also keeps your mobile devices safe from prying digital eyes using an integrated RFID shield. Two pockets on the left can hold your wallet and passport, while the larger stash pocket on the right is a great place to dump your phones and other medium-sized belongings. The entire pouch measures just 7.5 in x 4.75 in (190mm x 120mm).

What makes the RFID material so special? Blackout explains:

Using a patent-pending blend of copper, steel and eco-synthetic leather we created and tested over 20 different designs before settling on the current model. In fact, our technology is so advanced it even exceeds Military Standards as specified in USAF Document MIL-B-81705 Rev. C.

If you have larger devices that won’t fit into a wee pouch, their bigger leathery roll-up utility pouch can hold your laptop, iPad, and more of the same stuff you would store in the Faraday Pocket.

Both bags are weather-proof, as black as your would-be hacker’s heart, and block all RFID cell signals, wifi, bluetooth, GPS, mic, and camera interception while they’re inside. The bags have already exceeded their $5,000 goal on Kickstarter, raising over $64,000 so far. With a month to go, the pledges start at $59 for the pocket version and $79 for the larger pouch with a $99 combo deal for both. It ships worldwide with a May 2018 estimated delivery.

Find out more over at their Kickstarter page.


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