It’s incredible how easy it is to trick the mind into thinking it isn’t doing work. Playing sports makes training your body fun, watching nature shows on TV makes learning biology possible, and playing video games makes puzzle solving compelling. But this particular 21st century device tries to mix both learning and physical activity into one very tiring—and different —workout.

The Augumented Climbing Wall is an interactive gaming platform that uses climbing walls instead of standard video game controllers. Using a tracking system and mounted projector that projects different games and objectives, the Augmented Climbing Wall presents players with set routes to climb for the duration of each game.

The Augmented Climbing Wall comes from Valo Motion – a Finnish gaming company who believes that given the proper facilities, sports can become fun for anyone. Considering a large portion of today’s youth spend their time in front of a screen than outdoors, this might just help them get into shape while scratching their video game itch.

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Find out more on this augmented physical exerciser at the Augmented Climbing Wall webpage.


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