Creating a 3D model in VR isn’t as revolutionary as it once was. If the presence of Quill and Medium on the Oculus Rift weren’t enough, Google’s own Gravity Sketch, Tilt Brush, and Blocks programs add to the ever-increasing library of software which wants to make the craft more accessible.

Now we have MasterpieceVR, another tool which seeks to ease 3D modelers into the medium while making them look a tad wacky flailing their arms about. It has over 20 tools which include abilities to Add, Erase, Shrink, Bulge, Smooth, and Pinch your creations, as well as volumetric sculpting and ribbon painting options. But that’s not where its individuality truly lies.

Unlike the other programs I mentioned, MasterpieceVR diminishes the comical effect of sculpting in VR by allowing four people to work on the same project at any given time.

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And, guess what? They don’t even have to be in the same room! As long as they have their headsets on and controllers ready, four sculptors can join in the virtual sandbox and collaborate; no matter where in the world they are. This idea could be a godsend for those who find their best ideas while in the bathroom!

The software has other purposes too, such as doubling as a teaching room for new users or for exchanging real-time feedback. Even though the interactive process is limited to just four people, up to twenty viewers can invisibly idle in MasterpieceVR’s spectator mode, where they can watch the model unfold.

If twenty is too small a crowd, users can also livestream the event on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch. All they have to do is set a bunch of virtual cameras within the virtual workspace and real live people can tune in to their every move.

MasterpieceVR 3d model collaboration

While Google’s Gravity Sketch has a feature which lets a person use their tablet to interact with a sculptor’s model as they are working on it, it doesn’t really provide that sense of collaboration a second VR headset does.

To add to this feeling of connectivity, cross-platform support is also established. This means users of the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Microsoft headsets will be able to collaborate with one another, regardless of the companies’ qualms with each other. It is also compatible with old school 3D model formats. All you have to do is export the file in a standard format (like OBJ, FBX, or STL), and it can be fine-tuned or painted up in VR.

YouTube video

YouTube video

YouTube video

The results look fit for an animated film or video game, but we’re positive there are applications for 3D model collaboration in design and engineering. MasterpieceVR is available on Steam,, and for $29.99. To learn more about it, you can visit their webpage.


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