Yep, can you believe it? There’s more insanity going on in the whole touch-screen market and 3D CAD is getting in on the action and finally starting to be included in the mainstream coverage. What use could touch-screen technology possible have with developing products in 3D? Is it even feasible?

With new highly sensitive, capacitive touch-screen displays starting to emerge, you might be surprised at the degree of manipulation possible with different apps.

It’s gone well beyond sliding photos around on a screen. With Windows 7 slated for release late October 2009, the CAD companies will be staring at touch-screen tech square in the face, but will they embrace it with open… hands? Read what Frank DeSimone, Sr. Director of Research and Development at SpaceClaim, has to say as quoted in the New York Times.

SpaceClaim, which makes software for designing objects in 3-D, has taken a business-oriented approach to touch. Its software, which will work with Windows 7, creates 3-D models that can be turned, pinched and altered via two-handed touches. Frank DeSimone, the head of development urges other software makers to try something new and stick with the technology rather than just replicating the functions of a mouse.

“A lot of people say they will support touch, but they do a disservice to everyone by not doing anything interesting,”
he said. New York Times

So what do you think about that? SpaceCalim “can be turned, pinched and altered via two-handed touches.” What kind of Interesting features are going to happen with Touch-enabled devices and 3D design?


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