We’ve stretched back the jowls and have devoured our share of 3D viewing tech lately, but it’s not over. There’s sunglass.io, a web-based 3D viewer, and Maide Cotrol that brings 3d model interaction to the iPhone and iPad. Now, we have another viewer that allows import, smooth 3D viewing and sharing.

p3D 3D Model Viewer

The p3d 3D viewer is a sleek, WebGL-based system with the advantage of not requiring any specialized hardware or browser plugins. All you need is a browser that supports WebGL. (Sorry IE and iOS users.)

P3d is currently in beta and while it’s pretty thin on features, you can get a free account with 50MB storage space, the options of importing OBJ files (more coming soon), different shading/wireframe modes and as you can see below, you can even embed it in an html document. Now, if your up on the WebGL news, you know it’s been criticized for security vulnerabilities. You can get up to speed on it here on the WebGL wikipedia page. Nevertheless, it continues to be developed and in our opinion, that’s a good thing.


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