Already a leader in defining how modern day CAD tools should be bundled and priced, Autodesk has announced a new package for their popular Fusion 360 modeling and manufacturing platform.

‘Fusion 360 Ultimate’ will include all of the existing features of the existing Fusion 360 package but will also include 2D drawings, 3D exploded views and animations and 3-axis CAM with advanced product support (1:1 professional via phone/chat/email).

The announcement comes as Autodesk is pushing Fusion 360 into all corners of the design and manufacturing market ranging from beginners to professionals. Recently, Autodesk added Fusion 360 to the popular Mac App Store and effectively enabled an entire population of Mac users to create production-quality 3D models in a native Mac environment.


Fusion 360 Ultimate doesn’t come cheap though…at $100/month it is $75/month more than a basic Fusion 360 subscription. With that being said, the one-on-one CAM support that is included is a pretty dang good deal if that is something you would be using.

Check out the full announcement over at Autodesk.


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