The world we live in is governed by technology. But there are a lot of threats we currently need to face. And one of the most pressing issues we need to find solutions to is climate change. The way we live right now, we travel and eat, comes with a lot of pressure on the Earth. The way we manufacture goods and offer and use services is one of the activities that pollute the environment the most.

And we need to protect it so that we have access to healthy resources, such as water, food, and air. Great manufacturers have committed to reducing pollution and improving the way they produce goods. And Apple is one of them. They are leading the charge on sustainable manufacturing and environmental responsibility. Let’s see how.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint is one of the terms that is intensively used within environmental discussions. And it comes with high importance as each of us has a carbon footprint. It represents the total amount of greenhouse gasses emitted by our actions. Individuals have their carbon footprint, but companies have one too. And Apple has calculated that its carbon footprint in 2018 was over 25 million tons of CO2. This means they were actively contributing to global warming and the huge emission of greenhouse gasses that warm the Earth’s atmosphere. All their activities were contributing to this, including manufacturing every Macbook and computer. They took a deeper look into their carbon footprint and where the most amount of greenhouse gasses are coming from. Two-thirds of them come from the manufacturing sector, so they have worked on improving their supply chain.

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However, Apple has already implemented a few solutions when it comes to reducing its carbon footprint and changing to sustainable manufacturing and environmental responsibility.

Using Renewable Energy

Every manufacturer needs the energy to be able to produce the products and services they are offering to the public. However, Apple has made a huge but beneficial change when it comes to this. They are now using renewable energy in all their offices around the world. They started developing their own projects which generate renewable energy, so in 2018, the year of the assessment, they were already using over 60% renewable energy. But one year later, they are using 100% renewable energy in all their offices, which contributes tremendously to protecting the environment.

Low Carbon Design

Another thing that contributes to a high carbon footprint is the materials used in manufacturing Apple products. Besides using renewable energy when producing them, they have committed to using renewable materials. Also, they have started sourcing recycled materials to reduce their carbon footprint. For example, they use Aluminum when they produce Mac laptops. They are now sourcing aluminum produced from hydro-powered smelters, which helped them lower their carbon footprint without reducing the quality of the materials they use.

Final Thoughts

Apple is one of the greatest manufacturers that are out there. Their products are popular and used all over the world. However, Apple, just like any other giant manufacturer, has a giant carbon footprint too. Starting in 2018, they have actively started to lower their carbon footprint in offices and factories all over the world. They now use 100% renewable energy in all their offices. They source for renewable and recycled materials to use in the production phase.

And they do all this without lowering the quality of the products they produce. On top of this, they have partnered with environmental organizations to restore mangrove forests in Columbia and other parts of the world. They are actively helping both the environment and the people. As they are investing in clean energy initiatives, they are promoting some projects that will create a healthier planet and environment for people.