Currently, the board of directors software provides exceptional solutions and opportunities for every user, regardless of their specific area of work. Today, we will focus on the most interesting features that the portal provides. It’s important to note that some variations of these features may not be available, but we will cover the basic functions that are likely to be included in most cases.

Specific features of the boardroom portal

To gain a better understanding of the advantages offered by this technology, refer to the following list of technologies employed by this enterprise solution. This can assist you in evaluating and selecting from various board portal options.

  • You’ll have the opportunity to utilize a variety of video conferencing features and board document management within the board portal, which was initially designed specifically for this purpose. As the technology evolved, it expanded to include a range of other features. With this software, you can conduct secure video conferences with both clients and employees, which makes it an excellent tool for enterprise directors. Your staff will appreciate having access to this sophisticated software with diverse capabilities, which are not offered by most free alternatives used by other companies. Additionally, the software offers seamless integration with free tools, but we strongly advise against using them due to the risks associated with sharing data with third-party servers. It’s always better to use software provided by reputable developers.
  • The board portal offers you the ability to securely store and share your documents. While it isn’t its primary function, this feature is included in basic packages as you will likely need to access documents during meetings. Your information will be stored in a highly secure location that only authorized employees can access, ensuring that no data breaches will occur. Additionally, you can create meeting minutes that will also be securely stored in the same file storage. With this corporate solution, you can rest assured that your information is in safe hands.
  • You’ll have access to a diverse range of voting options that will streamline your meetings. The voting system available within the board portal is outstanding, providing you with numerous options to utilize. The primary goal is to democratize your company by considering everyone’s opinions. According to scientists and businesspeople, this will significantly improve your organization’s overall productivity. By using this functionality, your representatives and clients will be confident that their voices are being heard.
  • By utilizing this technology, you can take different types of notes that can help organize employees and clients for upcoming meetings. With the assistance of artificial intelligence, you can take notes for people who couldn’t attend the meeting. The AI technology summarizes the meeting outcome and provides a summary of the conversation, helping to eliminate unnecessary discussions and improving overall meeting efficiency. This also enhances the overall effectiveness of the meeting and showcases how it was conducted, ultimately resulting in improved company efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Use the board portal comparison 2023 to find the best solution. While using board portals, you can not only manage your employees effectively but also make a lasting impression on customers and potential investors. In today’s market conditions, investors are particularly interested in companies that are adapting and utilizing new technology. The board portal is a key factor that they focus on. Keep this in mind if you want to excel and grow in your business sector.

How security is provided in the portal for the board of directors

To ensure the confidentiality of crucial business matters and sensitive legal and financial documents, it is essential for the board portal to be secure. In the event of any unauthorized access, it could potentially harm the company’s growth and reputation. Therefore, many independent researchers highly recommend that large companies avoid using products like Zoom and other similar ones. This is due to the following reasons:

  • Free video conferencing apps, such as Zoom and others, are not considered secure because they store logs of conversations within their servers without informing users. The main issue is that these free apps make you the product, which is not a critical problem if the conversations do not contain sensitive information. However, when dealing with confidential business matters that affect the safety of employees and customers, using such apps may violate corporate laws. On the other hand, the board portal is an exceptional solution that allows for secure data storage without any logs being stored outside of your possession.
  • Advanced security with artificial intelligence and encryption is a critical feature of board portals. While free solutions do have encryption, it is often not as strong or exceptional as what a board portal can provide. Furthermore, free solutions are more frequently targeted by hackers because of their vulnerability to hacking. A skilled hacker can use a virus or personal transactions on your employees to obtain data, and free applications are usually the first to be compromised. However, with a board portal, the complexity of its device makes it difficult for viruses to find and log information. Even if a colleague’s computer has a virus, it does not pose a significant danger to the company as a whole.

It’s worth noting that the board portal offers internal security policies as a standard feature, which is a common function for most corporate solutions. Therefore, we haven’t listed it as a separate item. However, it’s important to emphasize that the board portal goes beyond basic security measures and offers a plethora of tools to guarantee the safety of your data and conversations, which are integral parts of your daily operations.


As you can see, the virtual boardroom provides a great opportunity for every consumer who adopts this technology in their company. You will find it easier to communicate with your employees and have more productive meetings that will be well-received, as opposed to traditional meetings that can be boring and cause disengagement in most employees. At the moment, this technology is experiencing good growth trends. If you refer to the statistics of independent researchers, you can count on the fact that in the future, there will be a similar trend of developing existing technologies and adding new tools to improve convenience and comfort.